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In any materials handling operation, we find the four basic handling functions; loading/unloading, horizontal transportation, stacking and order picking. All of which add to the cost and not the value of a product or service. The most labour intensive of all these is order picking. This also makes it the most expensive of all material handling functions. In fact the cost of order picking can be up to ten times the cost of the other three handling operations added together.

Faster performance in the other three handling methods will have an impact on saving money, but maximising the performance of the picking operation will create the largest and most significant cost reduction. Design, rather than luck, is the key to achieving this. The physical act of order picking an item from a storage location and placing it on the load carrier is limited in terms of performance improvement. However, the location of the picking stock and getting the operator closer to that location are the two main factors that can have a tremendous influence on reducing order picking costs.

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Floor sensor

Low step in reduces fatigue and improves performance. An automatic floor sensor establishes driver presence and engages stop mode upon departure.

Pro-access side gates

Pro-Access side gates with automatic sensors to prevent use of the truck with gates open when above 1200 mm.

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