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Gasoline & LPG dual fuel and LPG version

CLX 4-wheel Compact counterbalance truck, Cushion tires

The Compact CLX series is a reflection of UniCarriers’s continuing commitment to designing and delivering products of the highest value that incorporate the most advanced technology available in our industry.

Backed by years of experience and expertise in the successful development of the latest ultra low emission engine systems and combined with our tradition of rugged, reliable construction, UniCarriers’s Compact CLX Series has become the new benchmark, others can only follow.

Mast lock system

This standard seat-actuated system automatically locks lifting and tilting operations when the operator exits the truck, to prevent unsafe mast and fork operations. Once the operator is seated again, hydraulic functions can be fully utilised.

Ground Speed Control & Power / Eco switch

Select a maximum speed based on operator skill level or operation characteristics with the optional Ground Speed Control switch. The standard Power/Eco feature provides fuel savings (up to 17%) and lower noise level by a quick switch to ECO mode.

K21 & K25 engine design

UniCarriers’s own LPG engines incorporate an enhanced cylinder design and combustion chambershape. Combined with its electronic control these engines are the perfect solution to answer industrial requirements for both reduced exhaust emissions and low fuel consumption, without sacrificing power/torque needs. Long maintenance intervals mean high utilisation and reduced operational cost.

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Product Description

Type: Diesel/LPG counterbalance forklift truck
Lift capacity: 1500 – 3600 kg, compact cushion, gasoline & LPG dual fuel
Lift capacity: 1600 – 2500 kg, compact pneumatic, LPG