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Four-way reach truck

Keeping aisles to a minimum, the powerful multi-directional reach truck Tergo UFW offers flexible handling of long and other bulky goods or pallet loads – with superior ergonomics and comfort.

Tergo UFW multi-directional reach truck is ideal when handling both long loads and standard pallets with a lifting height of up to 9.7 metres. The truck can be driven in all directions with precision and the aisle width can be cut to 2.3–3 meters. With superior acceleration, a top speed of 13 kph and high battery capacity, the truck can be driven intensively with maximum efficiency.

Multi-direction truck

The multi-directional truck allows efficient material handling for a wide range of loads and especially long loads due to the ability to travel sideways. Thus keeping aisles to a minimum even with very long loads. A standard hydraulic fork spreader ensures the load to be handled safely at all times. The synchronic steering system makes it easy to change direction for high throughput.

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Product Description

Type: Reach truck
Lift capacity: 2000/2500 kg
Lift height: up to 9.7 metres