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48V electrically powered 3-wheel counterbalance truck

The UniCarriers TX3 is strong, intelligent and industrious. Ideal in tight spaces, this modern counterbalance truck is quiet, efficient and easy to drive. With its 3-wheel concept and compact design the TX3 is swift, easy to manoeuvre and provides a class-leading turning circle. Car-like driving characteristics means the driver is always in control.

Steering wheel synchronisation

For a relaxed driving position, the steering synchroniser keeps the steering knob in a comfortable 9 o’clock position when travelling straight, before and after taking a turn.

tx3 - 2


Battery changing system

With the battery placed on rollers, battery change is quick and safe.
tx3 - 3

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Product Description

Type: Electric counterbalance forklift truck
Lift capacity: 1250/1500/1600/ 1750/1800/2000 kg
Lift height: up to 7 metres