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Diesel version

ZX 4-wheel IC counterbalance truck

The UniCarriers ZX Series delivers productivity and performance with a powerful diesel engine for long life and maximum efficiency. This powerful workhorse can lift large loads up to 10 tons effortlessly. In heavy industrial environments and under extreme conditions, is where the ZX excels.

Powering the heart of this machine is one of the most modern diesel engine technologies available. The common rail fuel injection system uses the optimal amount of fuel at the perfect time for improved fuel economy. The high power and torque is available at low engine speeds thanks to the turbocharger and intercooler. Furthermore, the ZX Series complies easily with the latest European emission regulations.

Common rail technology

By controlling extensive engine-related functions, the diesel Engine Control Module (ECM) ensures peak performance levels with extremely low emissions.

Turbo charged diesel

Equipped with a turbo charger and intercooler system, the ZX Series delivers maximum power at low engine speeds. Combined with a cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system, NOx emissions are reduced.


The seat actuated Return-to-Neutral system is engaged when the operator leaves the seat while the transmission is in gear. It disengages the forward and reverse transmission solenoids within three seconds to prevent further forklift movement.

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Product Description

Type: Diesel counterbalance forklift truck
Lift capacity: 6000/7000/8000/10000 kg